The Stenish Royals

The Stenish Royals Book 1: Tailored for Her Prince

The crown she never knew about, stands between them.

Five years ago, Eva James succumbed to a passionate week in Italy with a stranger named Henrik, before he left without a word. He’s the last person she expects to walk into her grandad’s Savile Row atelier. Especially when it turns out he’s a prince.

Crown Prince Henrik of Stenaco loves his country. Promised to marry a childhood friend, he’s thrown into turmoil when faced with the one woman he’s never been able to forget. Love has no place in his life, it’s too risky after what happened to his mother.

Given the opportunity to save her grandad’s business, Eva travels to Stenaco by royal invitation of Henrik’s younger brother, Felix. But Felix has an ulterior motive, wanting to bring Eva and Henrik together.

Eva’s always been in Henrik’s heart, but can she change his mind on the risks of love?

The Stenish Royals Book 2: Her Convenient Playboy Prince

The Stenish Royals Book 3: Guarding His Runaway Princess