My Path to Romance Writing

Having recently joined a writers group I can safely say I don’t fit the traditional ‘I’ve always wanted to be a writer’ mould. I did grow up reading any type of romance book I could get my greedy hands on but I never attempted to write my own (well until now that is!)

I liked English at school, writing essays and creative writing weren’t a hardship but I’m by no means a grammar/spelling/punctuation pro. In fact I’m the opposite – spell check saves my butt more times than I like to admit.

So why writing?

This is a question I’ve spent some time pondering more and more, particularly after meeting so many people who’ve dedicated their lives to the cause so far.

The idea of wanting to be a romance writer came to me on my honeymoon. That sounds odd doesn’t it? But I was all loved up and after driving halfway across Tasmania I realised I’d written half a romance story in my mind. Then it occurred to me that I’d spent a lot of my life coming up with romance stories in my mind. Sometimes with myself the heroine and my current crush the hero (funnily enough before my husband those relationships were definitely much better in my mind!) But more often than not both characters were purely thought up, having a chance encounter, leading to passionate love, emotional conflict and finally a happy marriage (with decadent proposals).

I mentioned wanting to try writing my own romance novels to my husband; he bought me a laptop the moment we got home (swoon!)

So far I’ve written one full manuscript which I’ve filed in the ‘not good enough’ pile. More recently I’ve dedicated myself to learning the finer details of how to write and it’s paying off with my new book idea flowing onto the page nicely.

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